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Meet Dr. Jost

Dr. John Jost is the new and proud owner of 6th Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness and is incredibly excited to have moved into such a wonderful location in the heart of beautiful Denver, Colorado.  He is absolutely overjoyed to bring the many benefits of chiropractic to the surrounding neighborhood and counties and wants to give the most thorough and best care to every single person he sees.

He became interested in chiropractic at a young age, when he was successfully treated for various injuries and musculoskeletal conditions throughout the athletic and normal wear and tear of everyday life, and as his grandmother, Josephine, told him repeatedly, that he had "chiropractic hands". As he grew older, he knew becoming a doctor of chiropractic was his true calling which would enable him to help those suffering from debilitating pain and conditions just as he had. Dr. Jost's patients' health and wellness are his motive to be the best chiropractor he can be, and he believes in giving each patient the most comprehensive, personalized, clinical care in Denver. His patients are his number one priority and getting them well is his everyday goal.

A chiropractic lifestyle is all encompassing, and Dr. Jost personally lives and preaches the philosophy of adequate sleep, healthy diet, regular exercise, proper posture, positive mindset, and frequent chiropractic care in order to maintain a healthy body, a properly functioning nervous system, and optimal health.

Dr. Jost's sole desire is to show each patient just how amazing chiropractic care can be for overall health, wellness, and quality of life, and he delivers such care with great energy, empathy, and a big smile.


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Dr. Jost believes, upon first visit, that each patient should receive a thorough examination of their body's structure, alignment, posture, soft tissue, frame, and nervous system.  He utilizes meticulous subjective and objective analysis, ranges of motion, orthopedic testing, and physical palpation of the spine and appendages.  His thoroughness gives him the information necessary to treat each patient as a unique individual - in a clinical, safe, and professional way.  Dr. Jost believes in complete transparency delivered in an ethical, honest, and caring fashion.

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Arizona State University
B.A., English, 2002

Logan University
B.S., Life Sciences, 2011

Doctorate, Chiropractic, 2013         

M.S., Nutrition & Human Performance, 2014


National Certification

  • Completion/Passed all parts National Board Exams 1-4
  • Completetion/Passed National Physical Therapeutics Exam
  • National Provider ID - 1699161646

Colorado Licensing

  •  Certified Chiropractic License for the state of Colorado - CHR.0007154