Our Chiropractic Techniques

Clinical Styles of Practice


A manual hands-on technique with a biomechanical scientific approach that utilizes principles of physics and looks at the body and spine in such fashion.  This style of chiropractic will produce "popping" sounds when performed and can often be aggressive in it's approach - which is sometimes needed for those suffering from radiating pain into the arms or down the legs.  For those who may have severely injured their back from working in the yard, or lifting something heavy, and now can hardly walk due to the pain, the Gonstead chiropractic technique might be right for you.


A manual hands-on technique which is also one of the most commonly used of all chiropractic techniques that patients are familiar with.  This style looks at the body in a biomechanical way and delivers high velocity low amplitude adjustments that often produce an audible "pop" in the patient.  This style ranges from medium/light to aggressive and is used to help with many ailments - from headaches/migraines to radiating pain down the limbs.  This style is very diverse in what it can do for the patient, and offers a vast array of different adjustments specified for the particular treatment(s) needed.

Thompson Drop

A manual hands-on technique that works in conjunction with segmental drop mechanisms from a special chiropractic drop table. The drop mechanisms take advantage of the natural design of the spinal joints and gently, to moderately, realigns them with their aid.  

Cox Flexion Distraction

Dr. Jost is certified in this technique but currently cannot perform it, due to it requiring a special Cox Flexion Distraction table, which he currently does not have.  This will be a welcome addition to the practice in the near future.

This technique involves evidence-based spinal manipulation in which the spine is gently elongated and decompressed with the aid of a special Cox table.  A biomechanical approach and gentle, manual, hands-on contacts - working in conjunction with the Cox table, offers a wonderful alternative for those with debilitating pain.

Logan Basic

A very gentle technique that's science and philosophy resides in the positioning of the sacrum.  The sacrum lies at the base of the spine, and this technique assesses the alignment of that base.  When you have an uneven base, what happens?  Whatever is built upon it, will be also be uneven or unbalanced.  The Logan Basic practitioner contacts the spastic ligamentous attachments to the sacrum and gently releases the tension - like a coiled spring released from compression.  Then with light contacts, the doctor realigns the vertebrae from the base up.  This is a excellent technique for those who dislike hearing the audible popping that other techniques produce.


The activator technique involves the use of a small hand-held tool called the activator, often referred to as "the clicker" by patients, which delivers precise gentle adjustments to the spinal vertebrae.  This technique is great for those who suffer from TMJD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), for younger children, and for the geriatric population.  This technique is often requested by those patients who do not like to hear or feel the traditional "popping" from chiropractic adjustments.  Dr. Jost will gladly perform this technique by request.